Easy integration

How to integrate SDK?

All of our SDKs are available on GitHub with documentation.

Easy integration, read below!

step 1

Go to Game Management > My games

step 2

Click the "Add game" button

step 3

Type your game title you want to add in our game catalouge.

step 4

You will see new game on page "My Games", then click on new created game and on game page get "GameId". Each game has unique Game id represents your game.

step 5

SDK integration state: button "Verify Game" shows you that you have correctly done integration and ready to publish.

step 6

After integrating SDK you can send game to the activation. Our content manager will review your game and approve your game.

step 7

Go to https://distributegames.com/account/ to see your incomes. To start to get incomes, you MUST upload your game to DistributeGames.com